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Series – 4 New tags

HTML 5 – As I Learn

Series – 4

New tags

<section> This is to be used to split different topics or areas of a document or webpage. Like intro section, objective section, news section, press releases section, etc.  It is expected to come with a heading and content.

<nav> Navigation links to other pages or within the page are to be placed in this. Usually the main navigation or page menus appear in this. Nav tag is mostly seen in the header section and footer section of the page.

<article> This is the main container of textual information. Contents can be excerpts of documents, forum posts, comments, etc.

<aside> This tag is to be used for displaying highlight of the main content. Highlighted quotes, advertisements or content tag clouds. It appears on the sidebar or as a block within the article aligned to the left or right border.

<hgroup> This represents a heading group (this is not horizontal group). Header elements H1 to H6 appear within this. Headings, subheading, important quotes appear as a group in this tag.

<header> The header element is used to display a table of contents, a search form, or any relevant logos. Generally the top part of the page content comes inside this element, including the site title, main navigation, etc.

<footer> The footer element is generally at the bottom of the page content or at the bottom of a section. Generally contains, links to previous or next article or posts, license information, author, or even the comments form in a post.

<time> The time element represents either a time on a 24-hour clock or a precise date in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. It also shows time zone optionally.

<mark> The mark element highlighted content for reference purposes.

There are other tags as well that have come in – especially video, canvas, etc, – I plan to have separate posts for them.


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